It’s Johnny Lever’s Birthday and we just want to say...'Thank You'

If you grew up watching Hindi movies, there’s no chance in hell that you don’t know who Johnny Lever is. Johnny Lever is the man who made an entire generation laugh even if he never appeared as the protagonist. He is the man whose comic timing is still unmatched till date. The man who even made terrible movies tolerable with his strong performances. The man who, in my opinion, didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

Johnny Lever is the best comedian of our generation. Although he doesn’t appear in as many movies now, but it’s still a delight to watch him on screen. He has never failed to make the audience laugh. The man turns 60 today and has been spreading smiles for a little over 33 years now. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and watch some of his awesome scenes...for old times' sakes.

1. When he became Daler Mehendi

2.  The Chhota Chhatri

3. When Akshay and Saif Ali Khan’s performances paled in front of him

4. The infamous drink from the equally infamous Mela

5. Aslam Bhai

6. This

7. The ‘Kaala’ Contract Killer

8. Best teacher ever

9. Abba Dabba Jabba

10. What a performance!

I could add a million more videos here and you still won’t get enough of him. The man has been been a master performer in every role he played, regardless of the movie. As he turns 60, we just want to say thank you to the man who made us laugh so hard that we ran out of our breath. Thanks a lot, Johnny Lever!