Spider-Man Homecoming or Iron Man 4?

Ever since the first trailer of the Spider-Man Homecoming came out, people started having their doubts with the movie. Then the 2nd trailer came, then another and few TV spots and people no longer had doubts because...well because THEY SHOWED THE WHOLE FREAKING MOVIE IN THE TRAILERS! Seriously the marketing guys for Homecoming must be high on something because the movie is just a week away and we know it’s whole story already. We know all the three acts of the movie and if you haven’t figured them out yet (which I seriously doubt) then this warning is for you: SPOILER ALERT!

So here’s what happens in the movie: The movie takes place after the events of Civil War and Spider Man is still kinda new to his powers. Tony Stark / Iron Man is sort of mentoring him, making a suit for him and all. Tony advises Peter to stay low key and stay out of trouble but we all know that’s not going to happen. So he tries to fight Michael Keaton’s Vulture and screws up big time. Tony gets angry with him and takes his suit. Now Spider-Man has to redeem himself, so he fights the Vulture without his suit, get his butt kicked but come up victorious in the end. - There, that’s the whole story. We know all this just from the trailers. They even ruined the big ship wreck scene with trailers. And you know what? That’s not even the worst part. The worst part is this:


That’s a pretty lazy poster to begin with but that’s not the problem. The problem is that it looks less like a Spider-Man movie and more like Iron Man and his new partner: Spider-Man. This was supposed to be Spider-Man’s big entry in the MCU! Hence the ‘Homecoming’, but they ruined it! To be honest, MCU is capitalizing on Iron Man a little too much. It was good in Iron Man 1, was still fresh in Iron Man 2 but by the time of Age of Ultron, we’ve had our fair share of Iron Man overdose. Then Civil War happened and we thought this will be the last Iron Man movie until Infinity War comes out but noooooo, Spider-Man Homecoming is just another Iron Man movie with Peter Parker in it.

Maybe Disney’s contract with Fox allowed to show Spider-Man in this setting only. Maybe Robert Downey Jr. is doing a cameo (I think not), maybe there is something more to the movie than what we’ve already seen. We won’t know for sure until 7th July - Spider Man’s release date in India. Let’s just hope that it’s good. Please Spider-Man, don’t suck!

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