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He is back and this time he has a twin broootherr. Yeah! I’m talking about Gru, the villain we all love. The makers of Despicable me have come up with third part of the series Despicable me-3 releasing on June 16, 2017 and none of us can wait to watch it in theaters. The movie has been one the most loved animated movie series because of tons of awwdorable elements in it.

Well, first and foremost reason are the Minions, little yellow buddies who are the cutest badasses ever. These characters have stolen millions of hearts across the globe and kids are crazy about them. I mean who wouldn’t fall for this-



Then there are the 3 munchkins- Margo, Edith & Agnes, the girls adopted by Gru AND Agnes’ obsession for Unicorns. (just the cutest)



For all these years, we have watched and loved the Despicable me series but have you ever wondered whose voices are behind all these characters we love? Here’s all you need to know about these people- 

Gru & Dru- Steve Carell




Lucy Wilde- Kristen Wiig




Dr. Nefario- Russell Brand

dr. neafaro.jpg



Agnes- Elsie Fisher




Edith- Dana Gaier




Margo- Miranda Cosgrove





The wait is almost over. Despicable me-3 is coming to theaters tomorrow. Hurry and Book your tickets now here-

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