Did you know? Tubelight is inspired from this Hollywood movie released in 2015.

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Tubelight is promising to be extraordinary as it shows Salman Khan in the role of a supernatural special child who only has his brother as family who he loves more than anything. There are many other elements like Kargil war and beautiful scenes of Manali & Leh and introduction of the chinese actress & singer Zhu Zhu. The movie will be releasing this Eid and it is already making fans go crazy with the lively songs like Radio and Nach Meri Jaan.

However, most people are speculating that the story of Tubelight is based on a Hollywood movie called Little Boy directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde which was released 2 years ago. A lot of scenes in the trailer of Tubelight are same as Little Boy’s.

For instance-


A scene from Little Boy-

giphy (6).gif


A scene from Tubelight-

giphy (7).gif



And another scene from Little Boy-

giphy (8).gif


And similar one from Tubelight-

giphy (9).gif




Both the movies are about making things happen with a belief of “I can” for the love of people who mean the world to us. Tubelight will definitely have some Bollywood masala in it but we can’t deny that we’re gonna love it.

Here’s the trailer of Little Boy-


And here’s the trailer of Tubelight, which you must have already watched but just to revive-


Let's wait for Eid and know which one of these two is better! ;)