8 Scenes from The Legend of Bhagat Singh which will give you goosebumps.

There are great movies and then there are movies that leave us awestruck because of the contribution of good storytellers and actors and so many other people. The Legends of Bhagat Singh is one of those movies that always remain classic because of so many reasons. The movie released 15 years ago but still stays cult. Based on the life of freedom fighter and martyr Bhagat Singh who played a huge role in independence from the time of British rule in India, this movie also throws light on the life of Sukhdev and Rajguru who were also fighting for freedom along with Singh and were hanged to death by Britishers together.

The Legends of Bhagat Singh has won many awards including the prestigious National Award and has an amazing soundtrack. If you have watched the movie, you definitely remember the moments that gave you goosebumps. Well, here we bring some of them to refresh your memory about one of the best movies of the country.


The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Scene when General Dyer opened fire at the Jallianwala Bagh in 1919. Bhagat Singh was just 11 then and this scene explained well what he would have gone through when the massacre took place.


When Bhagat Singh is forcefully fed because he stays rigid on his decision of being on hunger strike in jail

ajay devgan

When the whole crowd supports him in his struggle for freedom shouting "Inqalaab Zindabaad"


The song : Pagdi Sambhal Jatta that is dedicated to self respect.


When he meets his family and his mother for one last time before he is hanged.

last one

When Chandra Shekhar Azaad commits suicide because he is attacked by Britishers and does not want to get killed by them. 


When they all explain the meaning of Inqalaab Zindabaad one by one in the court room.

courtroom scene

For the last time, when they sing and walk through the corridors of death.

last scene

And when they are executed in the end of the movie. (I'm not crying, you're crying)


The whole movie is undoubtedly a spine chilling experience and it will still be in our memories for next 15 and more years. And all we needed to know was summed up in this last slide after the execution scene.


They were young and brave and their sacrifice should be an inspiration for the young generation today and forever.  

We're sure you love the movie too, share your favorite scenes from the movie in the comments below. :)