Sonu Nigam is trending on #1 on twitter and the trolls are back at it!

Social Media is a crazy place and it's time for all of us to agree to that. The whole Snapchat fiasco is not even over yet and Indian Singer Sonu Nigam came up with a thread of tweets that's likely to turn into a nationwide controversy as you read this article. Not to my surprise, within a few hours of tweeting, Sonu became the twitter sensation for today and the reason is totally legit. Before anything, here's what Sonu Nigam tweeted about.  Honestly, all I am waiting to see is trolls, memes and jokes about it, few are already my favourite!

Apparently, he was woken up by Azaan on loudspeakers this morning which is a common practice around the world by almost all religions for their respective prayers. 

Maybe, we should blame Edison. 

For atheists, it definitely must be a nightmare. 

This is how Monday Morning hit Sonu Nigam. 

It's just been 6 hours to his tweets and the discussion has become so damn serious and I am wondering ; why all these people haven't joined politics already. But that's not the point, I am not even considering them because those people are everywhere and also the ones who are "fighting". 

The ones that are important and you should know about, are these-

Starting with the winner tweet!

Indians on twitter are defeating Indian media but this is not wrong either. 

Ok then his nephew is screwed. 

And Snapchat too! 

May god save Sonu Sood.

THIS is My personal favourite.

Umm. Quite true.

Sonu Nigam's tweets have caused digital riots on twitter as well as facebook and we have got to say nothing but All the best to everybody who is participating in this social war. Hope none of you gets hurt. Peace. ✌️

P.S. Happy Monday. 🤗 

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