5 songs from the 90s that will make you nostalgic

Ah the 90s...Life was simpler back then. Things were less complicated, there were no phones, movies were a big thing and the music….music was undoubtedly better than what it is today. And we’re not talking about just movie songs, there were quite a lot of familiar tunes back then. From songs to jingles, even the music in cartoons were simply amazing. You could hear the tune of your favourite cartoon in another room and come running to the ‘TV Room’ (yeah, that was a thing). So today, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and listen to some of those awesome tunes once again! Feel free to add your favourite:

1. Shaktimaan opening soundtrack

Comeon, it has to be Shaktimaan! You can’t write something about 90s and not include Shaktimaan in it! He was THE superhero. No marvel, no DC, just plain old shakti shakti shaktimaan!

2. The Jungle Book opening soundtrack

Here’s a fun task for you: Talk to any person who was born in the 90s in India and say these words - ‘Jungle Jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai’. If he/she doesn’t reply with ‘Are chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai phool khila hai’ then congratulations, you’ve found alien life on earth,

3. Bob the Builder Song

Bob the Builder - Kar Ke Dikhayenge

Bob the Builder - Haan bhai Haan!

Awesomeness in two lines

4. Washing Powder Nirma jingle

Never used Nirma in my life...not planning to do so in the future BUT this song…..THIS SONG I will remember to my grave!

5. Tu Kab Ye Janegi Tu

Sonu Nigam was a rockstar in the 1990s! I mean just look at him  - He’s the rockstar we needed but not the one we deserved…

The whole meme culture is obsessed with the 90s for a reason....they were AWESOME. Thank you for all the great memories and an unforgettable childhood. What better way to end this article other than saying - Only 90s kids will remember (if you know what i mean).