The tweet life of Uday Chopra!

Uday Chopra may not be a great actor or precisely a good actor but he does have a good sense of humor. He rules twitter with his wit and we love him there. I haven't seen this guy in movies since Dhoom-3 and even though he is the son of legendary director Yash Chopra and brother of Aditya Chopra, he manages to roast himself and be okay with it almost all the time. Check out these tweets from Uday, they are enough to wave off your monday blues.

His "dedicated" Valentine's wish.

When I realized he is one of us.  ☕

If listening to a sad song in moving car and pretending to be in a music video is also a mental issue then yes.

Um, i don't know. We try to look angry.

Ha-ha-ha-ha, you smartass.

The kind of thoughts you get when you are idle AF.

And the funniest part about this poll is, we don't get a choice. (If you know what I mean.)

Uday Chopra declaring April Fool's Day as Uday Chopra Day himself. How sweet is that? ❤️

I certainly do not wish to see Uday Chopra in movies but I do wish to see him on twitter more often. You can follow him on twitter and go through his handle, it's recommended.  😜

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