Songs from Parikrama to get this Wednesday Rocking

One of the greatest independent bands of the country, Parikrama is going to perform at the Koregaon Park Music Festival in Pune and we can’t be more excited. Parikrama’s music has always been a breath of fresh air. The rock and roll band from Delhi has given us some gems over the course of 26 years. Their songs have always been capable to touch the hearts of listeners and them performing at the Koregaon Park Music Festival is simply a dream come true for fans like me 🙂

So here are their 5 songs that will surely get you through that midweek crisis.

  1. But It Rained


  1. Till I’m No One Again


  1.  Open Skies


  1. Am I Dreaming


  1. Rhythm and Blues


Witness sheer magic this Holi as Parikrama will be performing live at the Koregaon Park Music Festival. Hurry Up! Book your tickets now. Visit: