The one where Jimmy Fallon and Vanessa Hudgens took us to a trip down the F.R.I.E.N.D.S memory lane!

We all know how fun it is to watch Jimmy Fallon inviting celebrities to his show and making them do things which are out of the world! As last week, he made Drew_Barrymore do a few activities to enter her into Guinness_World_Records which included applying lipstick to 10 people(including girls & guys) within 30 seconds and carrying a wig measuring 7’4″ . Well, she made it.

Jimmy Fallon


Last Night, Jimmy Fallon had the High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens visit him on his show “The_Tonight_Show_Starring_Jimmy_Fallon”  and this time Jimmy sung! Yeah, this was the perfect thing to be done when the singer was on his show but when they sung the Friends-TV show’s theme song, the fans could not hold back their emotions! We have adored the characters of this amazing show since more than a decade and everything related to it makes us feel nostalgic. No more talking, here’s the clip of Jimmy and Vanessa singing the Theme song of Friends with all the feeling!

And all we have got to say is Thank you, Jimmy_Fallon and Vanessa_Hudgens. ☺️