A Playlist of Awesome songs that I think you shouldn’t miss!

We are just in the second week of 2017 and bollywood is already off to a great start! Everyday, we are getting introduced to so many amazing bollywood songs and maybe they have already entered our “most played playlist”.  So, to make sure you are not missing out on any of them, here I bring you the entire playlist of awesome songs that have released recently!

1. Enna Sona – Ok Jaanu 

You don’t want this song to end and there are 3 reasons why. 1) A.R. Rahman’s Music, 2) Gulzaar’s Lyrics and 3) Arijit Singh’s Voice. Everything about this song is as lovely as falling in love.


2. Ok Jaanu Title Track- Ok Jaanu 

Ok Jaanu Juke Box is itself a gift by A.R. Rahman. You may let this one enter in your travel playlist!


3. Baawara Mann- Jolly LLB-2 

This one released just yesterday and undoubtedly is one of the beautiful romantic songs!


4. Sun Bhavra-  Ok Jaanu

You will indulge in the beauty of this song really deep. It’s one of A.R Rahman’s masterpieces!


5. Jee Lein- Ok Jaanu 

A song that picks up its pace from the beginning in so many voices including A.R. Rahman’s. It may become your favourite in one go!


6. Pehli Dafa- Atif Aslam

A song about the first date in the voice of Atif Aslam and featuring Ileana D’Cruz is something you will listen to, remembering your first date or if you have recently been on your first date! 😉


7. Zaalima- Raees

I’ve have been humming this song since its release because of the beats, Arijit Singh and of course the chemistry between SRK and Mahira.


8. Kidre Jawan- Haramkhor

A Subtle song by Jasleen Royal that you can play while you read your favourite book. 🙂


9. Kaara Fankara– Ok Jaanu 


And to sum up my playlist on a lovely note (obviously for nobody 😉 none other song could be better than this. Love is a “Kaara Fankaara” indeed.


Since the Valentine’s season is approaching, do you have any romantic songs to add to this playlist? <3