9 beard types you should definitely try this Movember!

Since it’s No Shave November or Movember, almost all men are excited about it. We can’t deny that some men do look good with beard but the question is what kind of beard are we talking about? hmm! We have a good knowledge about bearded looks you can rock this Movember. Because, it’s all about that having beards this November. 😎

Balboo / Emraan Hashmi  Yah! This is what we will call Emraan’s beard type in almost all his movies. (Supersexy 😉)

 Emraan Hashmi

Chin Curtain / Sacha_Baron_Cohen from The Dictator. Totally nailing the parody and the beard of course!


Chin Strap & Moustache / Salman_Khan –  Who knew that one day, the cute guy from Maine Pyar Kiya would turn into this fine man who girls drool over more than anything!


Chin Strap / Chris_Evans  Can’t imagine anybody else wearing it better. We love you Captain!


Extended Goatee / Shahid_Kapoor – Too hot to handle. Can’t get any better.


Full Beard / Gerard_Butler Lot of actors have taken this look but the award definitely goes to King Leonida from 300Gerard_Butler

Goatee & Moustache/ Amitabh_Bachchan –  Somehow, this type of beard is perpetually known by the name of Mr. Bachchan. See the perfection?


Goatee / Gulshan_Grover – He is the very first name that comes to our mind when talking about a Goatee in Bollywood. Whatsay?


Mutton Chops / Hugh_Jackman– Also known as the “Wolverine look” from X-men Series, Hugh Jackman is actually the origin of this type. (and we’re glad about it)

Mutton Chops / Hugh_Jackman-

Soul Patch / Aamir_Khan– Ah! We do remember this one from Dil Chahta Hai. One little patch of beard and everything about the face, just changes!


So, which one of these are you keeping right now? 😉