Star Kids who have grabbed our attention more often these days!

Bollywood celebrities and their glamorous life is something we have always adored but these days we have been adoring something more than the glamour and that is the star kids. Most of the actors who we have loved and followed are now either proud parents or parents-to-be and all we want to know is what these kids look like, how cute they are and when are they going to appear on the silver screens. The paparazzi have also been focusing more on this subject rather than the link-ups and patch-ups. So, here we are with some of those star kids who are the apple of media’s eye!

1.Misha Kapoor


This 2 month old baby girl has been the star lately. Being the daughter of Shahid and Mira Kapoor, Misha has already grabbed the attention of Indian media and social media without any first glances.

2. Aradhya Bachchan


Aradhya is just 4 and she has been winning our hearts with her cuteness already and why wouldn’t she, Aishwarya is her mommy!

3.Nitara Kumar


Her parents Akshay and Twinkle took a lot of time to reveal Nitara to the world through social media but the paparazzi spotted her very quickly. She is 4 and probably doesn’t like much attention.

3.Navya Naveli


Media is craazzy about this star kid because A) She is the grand daughter if Amitabh Bachchan and B) She is notably gorgeous. Every now and then, her pictures of partying with friends or hanging out somewhere get viral.

4.Aryan Khan


He is undoubtedly the carbon copy of his dad Shah Rukh Khan. Apart from that he is always in the news for a lot of reasons almost same as Navya because they study together and are very good buddies.

5.Abram Khan


This cute guy has been in news since even before he was born. His cuteness has made us fall in love with him every time SRK posts a picture of him.

6.Riaan Deshmukh


This bundle of joy is just 1 and we love how cute is! His parents post the most adorable pictures of him and they get viral for all the right reasons.

7. Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan


Hreh and Hrid have the coolest dad as they are always on vacation. We keep seeing their getaway pictures now and then and it seems like they have a LOT of fun!

8.Jahnvi Kapoor


She is inherited with all the beauty from SriDevi and now is all set to debut on silver screen and that’s how she is stealing the limelight these days.

This is why being born with a silver spoon is important, the perks are awesome and you are cute AF! 😜