Movie Review: Ghantaa

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Director: Shailesh Shankar Kale

Cast: Amey Wagh, Aroh Welankar, Saksham Kulkarni, Anuja Sathe, Viju Khote.

What do you do to get out of a bait, something that is irresistible and attractive – Ghantaa.

And that’s the simple narrative of the comedy thriller Ghantaa. Presented by Brahmaputra Pictures and Dashmi Creations, Ghantaa is a story about three friends who try their hands in betting on cricket matches only to get involved in a chaotic situation. Raj is a love guru kind of a person who always flirts with Komal Bhabhi aka Komu. Out of his other two mates, Angad aspires to pursue a career in dubbing industry and Umesh is a social media addict who also dreams of having his own social networking website! Besides this, Raj also dreams of having his own modelling agency. But the first and the foremost thing i.e. money becomes the hurdle in their respective lives which lands them in between a war between Digya Bhai and Chintya Bhai.


Zee Marathi’s ‘Dil Dosti Duniyadari’ fame Amey Kulkarni (as Raj) is probably below the bar as far as pairing with the gorgeous Anuja Sathe (as Komal Bhabhi) is concerned and otherwise, if we talk about acting,thumbs up. Aroh Welankar (as Angad) and Saksham Kulkarni (as Umesh) are also good to go with.

Veteran Viju Khote, in a short stint, is seen as an ex-boxer who thrashes the thieves when they raid his house, and I am still wondering how to justify this exaggerated scene and his role in the movie. And this is where Ghantaa lacks the gravity of the situation as well as the direction at a couple of moments. Popular anchor Pushkar Shrotri (as Digya Bhai) is in the contest with Chintya Bhai. Kishor Kadam (as Chintya Bhai) is a perfect match for the role he plays in Ghantaa.


‘Excellent’ is the word that spontaneously you would think about, right from the beginning of the movie if the Visual Effects and video editing is to be taken care of! The story succeeds in cultivating situational comedy scenes at times which also includes twofold meaning jokes. The movie is a retrospective of the fact that in life, you shall not wait for ‘that’ golden opportunity and get trapped in elusive temptations but strive hard to achieve your dreams!

So from my side it’s a Go. Especially the youngsters will enjoy the movie.