Batman vs Superman Review: The movie only makes sense if you force it to

Director: Zack Snyder

Actors: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg, Gal Gabot, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter

Running Time: 2:13 min

Rating: 2/5

Pune: To start with, you simply don’t reveal the best scenes of your movie in your trailers *revealing Wonder Woman*, lengthy and humorless, this superhero spectacle is a mess. A giant horned creature has hatched from an amniotic sac and is swinging from a Metropolis skyscraper.

The movie is incoherently structured with very predictable and uninterested storytelling is the let-down, with no clarity and purpose. The number of subplots makes the movie confusing and lengthy.

The first half of the movie is not being assembled properly, trying to solve different knots, the movie fails to solve even one knot of issues. The movie seemed like it is made to provide the platform for future movie plots.

The movie revolves around the question of God and Man, which is Superman vs Batman, common sense vs logic.

The drama in the movie is the outcome of the criticism which was made for Man of Steel; the screenwriter Chris Terrio and David S Goyer has grimness, ugliness and indifference to human life increased in this movie.

There are many themes running time to time in the movies, first being Batman and Lex Luthor , who resent Superman’s failures, envy his power and fear his potential for destruction. Second being American government which has taken their time to acknowledge the events of Man of Steel by keeping memorials, hearings and offbeat deals with Lex Luthor.

Whereas, the character of Lex is not appealing and convincing as the plotter of the movie even with his sneakers, shaggy leg and squeaky looks like a degraded version of Joker.

The Positives:

The major fight which comes late in the movie, as a visual graphic stylist, Snyder has given movies like 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch, with that standard, the action in the movie is promising and entertaining.

The entry of Wonder Woman, this is it, she steals the show in the fight sequence, the way she moves in the battle as an Amazonian warrior is worth the watch, and when she uses magic is the moment you wait for. She brings energy in the movie, by being less miserable, with clear intentions and with no doubt in what she believes, providing the wisdom and discernment needed by the other characters in the movie.

Batman’s chase is of the best moments of the movie, with him using speed machine, battering ram, tank and bulldozer-clenching moment and, of course, his rustic voice.

The negatives:

Forced scenes, for example, when Lois Lane played by Amy Adams goes to get a Kryptonian spear and gets trapped, later superman has to rescue her, most of the human savings are accounted  for saving Lois Lane.

Batman training to prepare himself for the showdown, the gym tutorial was not needed, is audience not aware of the physique Batman is known for?

Repetition of scenes, in the beginning in the credit, it is shown how Batman got his identity, and the day he lost his parents. Many times the same scene has been shown to give a theme to the movie but it looks clueless and adjusted in the movie.

Whereas in terms of humor and wit, it comes when Batman saves Superman’s mother Martha Kent and says, “I am the friend of your son.”

She says, “I could figure. The Cape”.

The movie can be watched for its action scenes, the showdown between superheroes and Wonder Woman.

As Alfred puts down in one line to explain the mess to Batman, ” What is the best way to describe it?”. It is our answer.