The Choice- Is yours!

[infobox style=’regular’ static=’1′] Director: Ross Katz[/infobox]

[infobox style=’regular’ static=’1′]Cast: Benjamin Walker, Teresa Palmer, Tom Welling and Alexandra Daddario[/infobox]

The plot of the movie revolves around two neighbor who fall in love in their very first meeting and amidst the loving cuddles there is an inevitable array of problems.

When you adapt a book into a movie, it is really important that you get certain things right. One of these things is, casting. Sadly, Ross Katz messed up the casting for the movie and a romantic flick without the right chemistry between the main leads spells disaster. Moreover, the love story is so typical and has such obvious twists that I found myself rolling my eyes at multiple junctures. This is a movie that is predictable to the extent that extinguishes the need to watch it at all!!

Nobody is judging the characters in a movie but one does judge the way a movie is presented. Gabby (played by Teresa Palmer) is a doctor who moves in next to the snobbish lead Travis (played by Benjamin Walker). Gabby cheats on her steady boyfriend (who by the way is very much willing to marry her and allow her to join the family practice) but she, as it turns out, she falls for the boy next door: Travis. Even then, I still am not in disagreement with her for cheating but her post-cheating behavior is not justified. She doesn’t tell her boyfriend about the situation until forced to do so. It is hard to fathom as to why would a stout believer of God and faith act so inconsiderate to a boyfriend who loves and respects her?

No performances are good enough to be considered as a redeeming factor as all the actors are average with their acting. Even if you’ve read the book, watching the movie will probably not tug at your heart strings so much and may leave you disappointed.

The movie has some glaring loopholes like Palmer’s acting that she overdoes at times, her Australian accent keeps creeping in every now and then which disturbs the flow of her character. Like I earlier pointed out, despite Palmer being a good actress, Katz could have been wiser with the casting. A similar issue arises with Tom Wilkinson’s British accent which also surfaces more than once and leads the audience to question the credibility of the story. Accent and such are things important to make a movie believable.

There is no denying that there are a few visual delights in the movie like the breathtaking North Carolina countryside and the screen time given to the adorable St. Bernard, Golden Retriever, and a couple of other puppies but that was not enough to hold the movie together. Good news is that there is always a choice to wait for the torrents.

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